2018.06.06 – Kissena 2018 Twilight Series Week 7 Report

I didn’t report on race from last week due to being quite exhausted and Jet-Lagged all week. Last week I had tried out a 50 – 15 combo and felt it was a tad big, so for this week I dropped back to a 49 -15 for a 88.2 gear inches, opposed to 90. My legs were also quite tired after doing team sprint training the night before.

My first race was going to be a 9 lap Win & Out race. In this race. A Win & Out race is the following: first sprint at 6 to go; winner of that sprint wins the race and may retire. Second sprint at 3 to go, winner of that sprint is 2nd place in the race and may retire. Remaining riders sprint at the finish for 3rd place on.

Even before the first bell, one of the seventeen year old kids took off with more than a lap to go to take the win. There was no way I could compete with that kind of aerobic fitness. Realizing first and second place were not going to happen, I tried to conserve and put what I had in for the third place finish. Sadly I wasn’t able to close the gap down on third, and I think I ended up in fourth. A check of the results when posted will reveal my finishing place.

Second race was a 4 lap Scratch. A Scratch race is the following: Race runs the determined number of laps; top 5 taken at the finish. I was having some hopes to place well in this race. But having pushed hard in the previous race coupled with the tired legs from the night before, by the end of the race, I knew I was out of contention so I backed off to save something for the final race.

The last race was going to be a brutal affair. Point-a-Lap race. Having no official description, I believe top two riders get points each lap and last lap more points are up for grabs. This meant that there was going to be a sprint on every lap of the six lap race. Being completely gassed, I decided to just ride the race as hard as I could and get the best workout out of the event. I managed to keep contact with the lead group the whole race. I don’t even remember the finish, and I guess the results will clear it all up. By the end of the race, when I came into the pit, my legs were shaking. Thanks to Paul from the Pink Rhino Racing team, he helped me get on the rollers so I could keep flushing the lactic acid out of my now useless legs.

I’m not terribly content with my performance last night. I think next week I will be skipping the sprint training if it can’t be moved to another day. At this point in the season, I’d like to go into the Kissena races with fresher legs.

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