2018.08.08 – Kissena 2018 Twilight Series Week 16 Report

Back to racing after two weeks or so. Week 14 was canceled due to rain. And I promptly got a nasty cold in time for Week 15. Feeling better, it was time to get back to track racing. Fortunately for us, once racing was underway, the temps started to drop from the ovenlike 95 degrees, also aided by some cloud coverage and a bit of a breaze.

First race was going to be a 6 Lap Point-a-Lap race. Point-a-Lap – Every lap the first rider scores 1 point; the final lap scores 2 and 1 points. The race got started once the second whistle was blown. Immediately Justo Zamorano set a fast pace to take first on the first three laps. My plan was to try and contest the points later in the race, hoping the guys going for the early points would tire out. However, my legs were not responding, even after a decent warm up with some fast bursts to get things going. I made the mistake of sticking to the wheel of Robert Peras, whom let a large gap open up. On the last couple of laps I dug deep to try to catch back onto the lead group, but, even though they were tiring, I could not close the gap. Thus I finished with no points.

Second race a 4 Lap Super Tempo. Super Tempo – Every lap the first three riders score 3, 2 and 1 points respectively; the final lap scores 5, 3, 2, and 1 point. The race started with a neutral lap since it was going to be a short race. After the neutral lap, Robert Peras blasted off the front and picked up the most points on the first lap. Lap two, coming out of turn 4, I was in a position to go, and I accelerated onto the straight and picked up the lap win. I kept going and I opened up a bit of a gap on the main group. I finished lap three in first place, my point tally up to 6. In turn one and two, William Wu Chen passed me. He had gotten second place right behind me.

At this point I was starting to blow up. I was hoping to hold on, but then several more riders slipped by, and on the last lap I finished out of the points in seventh. William won the last lap thus he collected a total of 7 points to my 6, relegating me to second place.

The last race was going to be a 7 Lap Scratch. Scratch – Race runs the determined number of laps; top 5 taken at the finish. The race got off to a rocky start as one of the races tried to fly off the front before the second whistle. The race was much quicker then I had anticipated. The last few times, the race was quite a parade until a few laps from the end. I raced stupid in this race. I didn’t have the determination to get out of the wind and onto a wheel, since the whole field was stretched out. This of course tired me out in the final laps when I was hoping to make another move. Therefore I finished out of the points.

End of the day, I finished the evening in 6th place. I think there were about fifteen or so in our race. Back at home, I put in for my track upgrade, and it was approved, so now I’m a Category 4 in Road, Track, and Cyclocross.

It was suggested that I should try a 92 gear-inch. So for the next race I think I’ll setup a 51×15 for a 91.8 gear-inch, up from my current 90 gear-inch. I find when I get to top speed I’m spinning too much and I end up in the 180+ bpm zone for much longer then I can maintain. Maybe it will help. Worth a try. That’s what the formative years of racing are all about. Trying different things to figure out what works best.

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