2019.05.08 – Not so Much Under the Tuscan Sky

Still suffering from Jet-Lag, I woke at three thirty in the morning and didn’t pass out again until around five. I then woke up at eleven. But after my adventures from yesterday, I think it was good that I got to rest. My plan for the day was to go to a bike shop and see if I could resolve the problem with my new rear wheel. But, here in Italy, shops tend to close around one, and reopen at four. But they then stay open until about eight. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the local shop before lunch. I was told by three people that Giuliano at La Ciclofficina is reliable. The shop is located out by the supermarket, a ten fifteen minute walk across town.

My first order of business was to fill up my three punctured tubes and locate the holes. All the holes were located on the inside, the part of the tube that faces the inside of the wheel. I even inspected the tyre, and found absolutely nothing in it. My conclusion was that there was an issue with the rim strip tape. I performed further research on the Velocity web site and they even state that the rim should have their Velotape applied to the rim for tubeless and tube applications.

My wheel was custom built, and when I received it there was no tape so I threw on a Vittoria rim strip tape from another old wheel I had laying around. Lesson leaned not all Rim Strip Tape is created the same.

At three thirty I was dressed, wheel in hand, and ready to walk over to the bike shop. I decided to stop on the way and grab a gelato. I arrived at the shop, and introduced myself to Giuliano, and explained my situation. On first glance he agreed that it was the Vittoria rim strip tape that was slicing my tubes.

He confirmed Velocity’s measurements of twenty-one millimeters with his calipers, but admitted he didn’t have tape in that width. He had nineteen millimeters, but he said he would preferred to use the proper sized tape. He said it he should have it in a few days and hopefully he can have the wheel taped by Friday.

I asked if he could remove the cassette this way I could put my old wheel back on the bike and still get some riding in. I also picked up two more tubes, (I had brought two with me from home besides the two I kept in the saddle bag) and two more CO2 cartridges.

I came home, and got to work putting the old wheel back together when I realized that I had left my quick release skewer with my troubled wheel at the bike shop. So, I went back out for another walk and back to the shop I went. Giuliano was surprised to see me, but when I mentioned the issue, he chuckled and grabbed the skewer and I was on my way. I had the bike put back together, and the rear pads re-adjusted before my sister came back from her afterwork workout.

To finish off the day my sister and I headed out towards Siena to go eat at La Colonna with some friends.

La Colonna at closing.

In olden times, I would have pigged out, but I ca not do that anymore, so, reluctantly, I exhibited some restraint. An appetizer of salami, ham, crostini, and cheese, a first course and desert with a glass of beer. My sister was tired, so I drove her little Fiat Panda home.

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