2019.05.11 – Under the Tuscan Sky: Day 5

Even though it was a Saturday, my legs were begging for rest. I really needed a rest day after two days and two hundred thirty kilometers in them. I also did not get to do much distance training over the winter, so I was not going to push my luck. In the evening, we had a dinner scheduled over in Volterra. Please do not go looking for the fountain, since the Twilight stuff was not actually filmed there.

We met up with Alessandro between San Gimignano and Poggibonsi, and hopped in his car. The drive out to Volterra is full of twisty up and down roads. I rode on my bike back in 2015, and as with any other Tuscan road, it offers some amazing views.

In Volterra we had a pre dinner drink with some snacks while we waited for Cristina. As usual, I was able to find the bicycle in the establishment.


When Christina finally joined us, we made our way down the street to have dinner at Don Beta, a place I have eaten well at in past occasions. The food is always quite good. The four of us had a good evening of catchup, fun and laughter. I started my meal of with an appetizer of crostini with tomato, olive oil, and basil. I then got a first course of Pici all’Aglione. Pici are a typical pasta from Siena. I finished it off with some Vinsanto and cantuccini, hard almond cookies you dip in the Vinsanto.

After dinner Christina took us to the main piazza (square) in town. We were greeted by a whole array of parked cars, cars from thirty to forty years ago. Apparently they were having a vintage car rally over the weekend. I came across cars I have not seen in ages.

After ogling at the cars for a long time, we walked around town a bit more, making our way over to the Roman amphitheater.

At this point it was late, and we could see a lot of lighting in the distance. We decided to part ways and head home. I ended up with funny stomach all night long from the ride home. I am not used to the being a passenger on those twisty roads, coupled that with the heavy food in my stomach, and the fact I am not used to eating dinner late and I spent most of the night wishing for relief.

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