A Void in our Heats

Every once in a while events set us back on the emotional plane. Today we had a tragedy in the New York City cycling community. Some may know what I am alluding to, while others may not.

I have come to learn that life events teach us many things. A few years ago, I was taught about the finality of death. I live every day aware that I will never hear his voice, receive his hugs, or just sit in his company ever again. I felt his life depart as I held his hand hoping to ease his passing. In the end it was me that needed his hand for me to make it through.

I only met you yesterday afternoon. You took shelter in our tent from the searing sun while racing at the Kissena Velodrome. In the short time we all spent together yesterday, you came across as a nice young person. Incomprehensibly, today, your life tragically ended leaving an empty void. You were much to young to leave us. You will be missed. Please rest in peace Robyn Hightman.

The Kissena Family will miss you.

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