2019.07.10 – Kissena 2019 Twilight Series Week 12 Report

I will preface this stating that I am not happy with my performance. Maybe I had higher expectations going into the race.

I swapped my gearing over to a 52×15 which comes out to a 93.6, down from my 94.5 from the team sprint events. I also had a high volume week last week, so my legs might not have been ready.

Race #1: Men Cat 4: 8 Lap Scratch: Race runs the determined number of laps; top 5 taken at the finish.

The race got off to the usual scratch racer parade around the track. We experienced some accelerations to shake the group up, but for the most part a good core of field stuck together to the finish. A knucklehead was causing all sorts of issues during the race with his poor handling. He had some of the guys yelling at him. When we were all jockeying for the sprint finish on the last lap, this guy was riding very unsafe through turn three and four. Coming onto the straight, in order to not be involved in any incident with him, I had to slow down, go up track behind him, and then re-engage my sprint, which basically ruined my race.

Race #2: Men Cat 4: 9 Lap Win & Out: First sprint at 6 to go; winner of that sprint wins the race and may retire. Second sprint at 3 to go, winner of that sprint is 2nd place in the race and may retire. Remaining riders sprint at the finish for 3rd place on.

I knew I did not have the legs to challenge for first or maybe even second, but I figured I could factor in on the third place finish. After the first two places were determined, we still have a decent group left together. Going into the last lap and entering turn one, Alyosha and another rider were playing cat and mouse, and the pace slowed up. This would have been the right time to attack, but instead, stupidly, I hesitated. This gave Alyosha and the other guy the time to wind up their sprint coming onto the back straight where the head wind of earlier was dying down. Of course I was too slow to react.

Race #3: Men Cat4: 7 Lap Point-a-Lap: Every lap the first rider scores 1 point; the final lap scores 2 and 1 points.

By now my legs were tired. With about two laps or so to go, a gap opened up in front of me. The knucklehead from the first race sat on my wheel and did not want to do any work. I had two options. Kill myself to bridge, and probably blow up in the process. Sit up and waste the race away. I choose to bridge, and of course on the last lap the knucklehead got the best of me, having done all the work for him.

It was good to see JP at the track. Hoping that maybe a few more teammates will be inspired to come out to the track?

Maybe I can figure out what I need to do to improve, between training, gearing, and tactics. Maybe I can stop hesitating?

Grumpy old me.

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