2019.07.17 – Kissena 2019 Twilight Series Week 13 Report

An impeding thunderstorm threatened to derail our racing. It was quite hot and humid but the storms were not scheduled to hit until about eight which would give us enough time to race. To try to speed things up, the racing schedule was modified, and the category three and four fields were combined. In the end we had a Men 5/Women 3/4/5, Juniors 9-14, and a Men 3/4 field.

  • Race #1: Men Cat 3/4: 10 Lap Scratch: Race runs the determined number of laps; top 5 taken at the finish.

The first race started out with some fast pulls from some of the mix of people in the field. I did my best to try to stay in the top third of the field. In the end it came down to a sprint finish. My positioning was poor to contest anything up front, but I figure I was in the top six or so at the finish. I think it was this race where one of the younger riders almost rode me off the track coming out of turn 4. I think he was trying to pull up track for whatever reason, but did not bother shoulder checking and started to move all the way up with me coming around.

  • Race #2: Men Cat 3/4: Devil’s Scratch: 1st part of the race is run as a miss-and-out; once half the riders (7) are eliminated it turns into a scratch race with 5 laps remaining.

I set myself up on the rail towards the front to give me an advantage for the elimination part. At the whistle things heated up even though they were not going to start pulling riders on the first lap. We were going to experience seven eliminations. In the early laps, I tried to stay in the front just behind the front six (I was counting), figuring this would give me a good chance of surviving the elimination.

As with most eliminations, the field shuffled up quite a bit, I ended up having to use my usual technique of coming around from the outside to keep myself from being eliminated. With two more elimination up for grabs, I stupidly put myself in a box down track, and in turn three I realized my mistake. I would have had to back out, then make a monster effort to re-accelerate up and around the main pack on the banked turned. So I cut my losses and accepted my elimination.

  • Race #3: Men Cat 3/4: 8 Lap Tempo: Every lap the first two riders score 2 and 1 points respectively; the final lap scores 3, 2, and 1 point.

I know they were running an accelerated program, but I was really feeling the lack of rest in-between races. We had some fast pulls in this race with Yves Allemann getting off the front for the first few laps.

At one point I was on Rodrigo’s wheel who was in turn on Paul’s wheel. But then Rodrigo dropped an anchor and I had to extract myself from behind him. I then ended up on the wheel of my teammate, Sean Hourigan, and he too dropped an anchor, so I had to once again extract myself from behind him.

At the same time, Chris Salucci and his teammate Bryam Mora attacked with DJ Toback. I tried to chase but the gap was just to big to close by myself. I spend two and a half laps chasing in No Man’s Land. I was occasionally checking back to see if I had someone on my wheel, but I never spotted anyone that could help me chase. Nevertheless Lester Lee snuck up and passed me going into turn three on the last lap. I did not have the legs to respond, and thus, I finished the last lap in fifth place gaining no points in this race.

During the last race we started to experience some rain drops. After the conclusion of the race, while we were packing up and getting changed out of our skin suits, the skies opened up. Getting back to the car and home was accompanied by torrential downpour, and a spectacular lighting show.


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