2019.07.20 – T-Town Masters & Rookies Week 5

It was about time to go back to T-Town for some more racing. The bad news came from the weather. The temperatures were going to be hovering around 100 degrees. I agreed to pick up Brean Shea whom lives in upper Manhattan not far from the George Washington Bridge, which is pretty much on my way. After a two hour drive or so, we made it to the venue. The organizers were able to put big air movers with wet towels behind them, and they also provided wet towels with access to ice.

Admittedly, while riding the white cement track, the heat did not feel as bad, but, in the pit it was quite brutal. Also while on the track, we had a bit of a breeze which also helped, something that was not felt down below in the pit.

  • Race #1: Men Category 4: Men 10 Lap Win & Out: First sprint at 7 to go; winner of that sprint wins the race and may retire. Second sprint at 4 to go, winner of that sprint is 2nd place in the race and may retire. Remaining riders sprint at the finish for 3rd place on.

I knew there were some fast guys in this race and as per my usual, I was not going to blow myself up trying to beat them and then get dropped. After one of the sprint laps one of the riders almost swept two or three guys off the track in a dangerous move. That had the effect of ruining my momentum as I was almost caught up in that myself. Mitigating the damage, I stayed in for a fifth place finish.

  • Race #2: Men Category 4: 12 Lap Scratch: Race runs the determined number of laps; top 5 taken at the finish.

I was hoping to do better in this race. TC suggested I stick with one of the stronger guys in the race. Unfortunately I could not hang with them when he and a few others made the jump, and, once again I bagged a fifth place finish.

  • Race #3: Men Category 4: 9 Lap “July” Snowball: Points for the first rider across the line. Points decrease from 9 every lap.

Looking at this race, I was not keen on how it was going to go. It really appeared that it would favor either the sprinters or a very strong breakaway rider. As predicted, two riders, Chris D’Ambrosio and Charles Kyle managed to get off the front, and suck up all the points. I think they had Anson Wright with them too. I tried to chase, and ended up stuck in No Man’s Land for what felt like four laps. On the last lap, spent, Ben Lafaver came around in turn three, and I did not have anything left to hold him off. Thus another fifth place finish for me.

So, since it appears that T-Town does not calculate the overall omnium for us, I did some math and it shows that I got a 5th place finish over all. One of the guys asked how many were in our field and the Chief Judge told us we had eleven. This was also more or less the same result as last month. I guess I can consider myself the perennial fifth place finisher. The upside is that I am being quite consistent with my results. Eventually it has to pay off.

For T-Town I ran a 49×14 (94.5 gear inch). I think that suits me well there, maybe not for complete top speed but to spin up the gear up quickly it works. In the future I would like to start playing around with some strategies. And if the temperatures are not so brutal and depending on the race schedule I might try to race both the Category 4 and the Masters 35+.


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