2019.10.06 – Officiating Merrick Criterium #5

Alan Atwood asked if I could step in and officiate at the fifth and next to last Merrick Criterium since he could not make it. I agreed since I was not terribly busy and I need the experience. The officiating crew for this race was going to be Robert Marcus as Chief Referee (CR) and myself as Chief Judge (CJ).

As per usual, I arrived at a quarter after ten, and Rob arrived shortly there after. We setup our equipment and clipboards, we went over the things we needed to get together for the racing. We decided to move the pit to our side of the track, this way we could better deal with any occurrences.

We decided not to split the junior field since we did not have enough age/talent separation to warrant it. We did suspect some riders would get lapped. In the race, two of the riders, Gabriel and Justin who were competing for the lead in the series, got off to a bad start. None of them wanted to pull and they started playing games with each other on the course. The other juniors kept racing, and with the eight of them, we had the youngest junior fall many laps down. Justin and Gabriel ended two laps down while playing their silly match sprint like game. This created a lot of confusion in the race, and we might have missed one other rider who might have ended up a lap down.

Rob struggled with the lap counter and tracking the riders at the same time. I think I had it all figured out, but in the end, we might have messed up one of the positions. Rob talked with Gabriel and Justin for the show they put on, as it was very poor form on their part.

Mike, the race director offered to handle the lap counter for the next few races. The Men 4/5 field had a total of thirty riders in the mix. The group stayed together the whole race, and we had about three DNFs, and two primes. We decided to run the cameras for the primes and it payed off since one of them had a tight finish. The final sprint was privy of any crashes or incidences, and with the cameras, we quickly sorted out the finishing order.

The men Category 1/2/3 was a bit anemic. Only eight riders were present. The green jersey got separation in the second half of the race, and stayed out to win the event. This group was the easiest to track and score.

I hear next week we will have a large crowd with a possible good sized women’s field. I will be back as the Chief Judge for this final event. Hopefully it will not be a crazy race.

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