Central Park Single Speed Century

I’m reposting from my posts in various social medias.

Anthony Ott, my Kissena teammate, and myself have been kicking around an idea for a month or so, and we plan on going forward with it. So here is the deal:

We both plan to do a single speed century ride in Central Park on Saturday December 14th. Obviously, anyone who wants to show up and ride with us is welcome. You don’t have to do the whole thing, half a lap, one lap, five laps, etc. is fine. We will be stopping for food, beverages, and bathrooms as needed. The idea is to ride at a nice fun and social pace; we are not there to crush it.

Single Speed Steel is preferred but not obligatory. If you are running a single speed, we are looking at an approximate 58.7 gear inch. At least one brake is mandatory. We are not running fixed.

If it rains the ride will be re-scheduled for 2020 due to the holiday season. We will figure out a start time and start location in a few days and post.

Hope to see some of you there.

Next Post re: Central Park Single Speed Century.

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