2020.04.25 – Long Island Social Distancing TT #4

This past week, I had a pretty dull riding week. The weather was dismal, and I have been working hard on a project for work. As a matter of fact, on Friday I felt quite lousy all day. However, the weather on Saturday was looking quite promising, so I had some good hopes in getting another good run at the ten kilometer time trial. I made sure to get a good night sleep so I could be well rested for the event.

My teammate Robert Peras came out from Queens for his second run, and I saw a few other people including Victor Chan, and Paul Coluccio with his wife Carol-Lynn. My mother came with me, as a way to get out of the house for a few hours, and enjoy some sunshine. My friend Chris came by to keep my mother company.

We got to the course at about ten forty in the morning, and after getting all setup, Robert and I set out for a side by side warmup lap. The weather was good enough that I did not need my warmups, just my vest.

Once we completed our warmup and inspection lap, I put my wind shoe covers on, swapped bikes to the race bike, and got the Garmin head unit and camera paired up with all the sensors. Robert took off before me, and so did Victor on his warmup/recon lap. Robert posted a greatly improved time over his first attempt now four weeks ago.

All set, ready to go!

I was now ready to roll off, so I made my way over to the forty mile per hour sign, our starting point, and did a track stand and took off as soon as I hit start on my Garmin unit. I hammered off the line shooting towards the uphill to the golf course. This first sector always goes by quite quickly, but it is just a warmup for the longest sector. Having scouted the course, I knew the first turn had a lot of standing water on the turn in, so I had to be more careful on this turn. I bleed some speed off and pushed the bike safely through the turn.

Once through the turn, I stomped on the pedals to get over that bump that presents it self right after getting on River Road. I spun the pedals back up, and managed to keep the pedals going at about one hundred and one rotations per minute. As always, it always feels that this sector never ends. It took me about five minutes to complete it, but those five minutes are some of the longest ever. I arrived at turn three, the bull, and once again I took the turn conservatively. Today, for some reason, I did not feel like taking chances in the turns.

On sector three I think I was starting to feel the effects of the wind. It was hard to tell in the deep foggy mental state I was finding myself in. I just kept pushing my legs around the pedals, still keeping a high leg speed of around ninety eight. This of course caused my heart rate to approach one hundred and eighty by the end of this one and a half mile stretch of road.

I had a clear turn at turn three, so I just pushed through. My speed was dropping off a bit more then I wanted it to. I think I was facing more wind here on this bit of road. I took some consolation knowing that this was going to be shortest sector. Right before turn four back onto Grumman Boulevard, I hit the start of my tenth kilometer. I looked at the time and I was going to need to make a monumental effort if I wanted to score the time I was shooting for.

I tried to do some quick math as I was gasping for much needed oxygen. I managed to figure out that I would have to pull off my best one kilometer time, which means I would have to equal what I did at the Kissena track last summer. It was not looking good.

Sadly, the reality of beating my best time was slipping away as time kept ticking. It really felt like there was a head wind in this section, or maybe I was just completely blown at this point, and I was entertaining some sad delusions. Even though my watts and speed picked up, and I got my heart to reach one hundred and eighty four, alas, I only  managed a time of thirteen and a quarter  seconds slower then my best time with a time of: 15:35.33.

I feel a bit disappointed in my performance today. I was hoping to do better. In the end, it easy to question if I should have tried to push harder in certain points of the course, or not. Nevertheless, when you are giving it your all on the course, and buried in that that mental state of racing, it all just hurts and it feels like you really are giving it your all.

On the bright side, even though we might be increasing the time trial distance for the month of May, I will have all summer to improve. And who knows, maybe I will start racing more time trial events in the future. I did capture video of the race. A link is just below. Again numbers are for entertainment purposes only.

“…it does not hurt…”

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 9.43.39 PM

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