2020.07.14 – Bag Review

It has been a while, but things have been mostly quiet as of late. I stopped participating in the Long Island Social Distancing Individual Time Trials for several reasons. In May, I got really burnt out. Working from home, I was putting in more hours then I should have, and my position, hunched over laptops for eight to twelve hours a day caused my back to start hurting a lot. I could not even get comfortable on the bike after working from home. I was also working real hard on a project that needed to reach a milestone. All this caused me to have a bit of a mini meltdown and decided to abandon structured training, and when I was able to, just ride for fun, or just to unwind.

Around that time, I got involved with my track team, the Pink Rhino Racing team, in setting up social distancing events at the Kissena Velodrome, the KV-BATT. We decided we wanted to encourage the track community to stay active and focused during these difficult times. In working with getting these events going, I offered to time people at the track as needed, and in a way it gave me the excuse to start preparing in case Track Masters Nationals ended up happening at the end of September. However, USAC, on July first, canceled all nationals.

And last, I was not very keen on doing more of those Time Trials above fifteen kilometers Eddy Merckx style, meaning with out a Time Trial bike. I give credit to Eddy for his hour record in the drops. Anyway, time flies by and with it it brings more changes in life in regards to my training, but that is a story for another day.

In re-organizing my stuff, I decided that I was not happy with the track bag I got from BLS Global which I used last year. It is kind of nice that it has compartments for the various things, and also a place for my track gears and tools. But in the end, I never really liked it, and felt it was a bit too clunky when using it. At the same time that I purchased the BLS bag I also purchased a Pedal Industries bag, in size XL, for road/cross racing. After using the Pedal Industries bag all last season I decided that I really like it. It holds a lot of stuff and it is easy and friendly to use. It even has straps to carry it like a backpack so it can free up your arms to carry your bike or other items.

Deciding to abandon the BLS Global bag left me with the dilemma of what to do with my track gears and tools, so I decided to research my options to find an appropriate solution. In the end my choices came down to the BLS Global Track Gear Bag, or the Track Gear Bag from The Track Assistant. After doing some comparing, I settled on the Track Gear Bag from The Track Assistant. On Friday I reached out to them to see if they still had them in stock and if they were still selling them. Surprisingly, I got a response back within minutes. After some back and fourth, I made payment and that was that.

On Monday morning, the box with Track Gear Bag was dropped on my stoop. Unfortunately I was rolling out on two wheels to get to work, so opening up the box would have to wait until I got home. As soon as I got home, and of course after I uploaded my riding data, I took the time to open up the package and check it out.


So far I like the bag, it seems to have enough pouches for my chain rings, and cogs. I pulled out my most used chain rings and cogs from the BLS bag and slotted them into the Track Gear Bag. I have one more cog on the way, and I have a few more smaller chainrings (down to 42t 144 bcd for my road going fixie) somewhere in my garage to slot in there. I would prefer to keep all the single speed stuff together, regardless if I race with them or not.

The bag also comes with a small case for small parts that sits in its own pouch. I put chain ring bolts and my lock rings in there. I’m sure over time I’ll have even more small parts to throw in there.

I was able to place the tools from the BLS into the pouches, however I do need to pick up a small set of portable hex wrenches, and a few other goodies, but for the most part it seems to hold everything.

I am quite pleased with the quality of the build, the ability to put name tags on the various removable sections, and of course having a gear chart handy is always a bonus. Now, if only we can get back to a racing so I can put it to good use. Sadly, this year, I am not holding my breath.

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