2021.09.03 – End of Summer

Things have been quiet since July. I was on a roll racing at T-Town on the weekends while also managing a Tuesday Night event at the end of June. In July, T-Town was going to be hosting Track Elite, Junior, and Para Nationals, which basically shut down amateur racing for the month. I was also officiating at the Kissena Velodrome in Queens since the racing community was trying to re-start the racing season following the shutdown from the pandemic.

With T-Town on hold in July, my girlfriend Amy and I decided to take a few days and head down to visit my friend in Greenville, South Carolina. We would be there a few days to check the area out and do some riding. On day one we rode up Paris Mountain, and enjoyed a nice day of riding. Day two saw rain settling in preventing us from riding, therefore, we decided to take a trip into town to visit some museums and see some of the other sights.

Unfortunately, pulling out of the neighborhood, my mini-van, the BRSV (Bicycle Racing Support Vehicle) was struck by another vehicle which ended up totaling the car. Scrambling to figure things out and get home, Amy had to get back to her kids, we were able to get a one way (very difficult under these circumstances) car rental from Charleston back to La Guardia Airport. We drove straight through the night to get back up to New York. Needless to say, the relaxing vacation was anything but, leaving me more stressed out than ever.

Now, without a long range vehicle, getting to T-Town to race was not possible. At least I could fall back on my 2007 Subaru WRX STi for local driving, but since that car is getting older with small issues cropping up here and there, I do not take it off the island anymore. I do not want to foot the bill to have it towed from Pensilvania back to my specialty shop here on the island. Furthermore, loosing the van put a bit of a dent in my finances, forcing me to be a bit frugal with my cash for a little while. As an example, a race day ends up costing me about a hundred dollars. That is calculated from the cost of race registration, fuel, tolls, and food. I will try to get to a few Cyclocross races this year, but I will not be doing a full season as I was hoping to do.

With my racing program essentially shut down, I kept officiating at the Kissena Velodrome, since that does pay, not a whole lot, providing me with some spending money. It also kept me involved in the community, while also working on my Judging skills.

By the end of July I was itching to get back in the groove riding the bike. Out for a long Saturday ride, I took a major spill off the bicycle when I fell into a crater, which was hard to discern with the way the sun and shade cascaded down on the road surface. My bike disappeared from under me while riding at twenty-seven miles an hour. Luckily the bike was not terribly damaged, and even though I cracked my helmet and sustained some bruising and missing skin, I was okay.

With August rolling in, work picked up since the students were making a return to the campus I work at. Around this time, my insurance stuff was finally being settled, with my existing car loan getting paid off and the difference dropped into my bank account. When the money finally cleared, I searched high and low for a new vehicle. The timing is bad for car purchases. In fact this is the worst time to be buying a new or used car. Used car prices are through the roof, and new cars are flying off the lots, therefore dealers have no need to offer incentives. Finally, a replacement min-van was out of the question since prices have gone up over then thousand dollars from what I paid back in 2018. I was not going to pay just under sixty thousand dollars for a mini-van.

I settled on something a bit smaller, but still roomy to support my bicycle racing activities. After searching high and low, I came across the car I was looking for in the right trim and color. With some luck there was a unit being shipped down to the car dealer near me, so I ran over and put money down to put my name on it. I was not in the mood to have to wait another three to six months to order another one.

At last, I took delivery of my new vehicle this week. It will not be called BRSV v2 as some people have alluded to. The name will be announced in a future post. In the meantime I present the 2022 Subaru Outback Touring XT in Autumn Green Metallic.

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