I was born in France, just outside of Paris. I lived in France until just before my sixth birthday, when my family packed up and moved to the rolling hills in Tuscany, Italy, between Florence and Siena.

I completed five years of elementary school, three years of Jr.High School, and one year of High School in Italy. The summer of my fifteenth birthday, due to sickness in the family, my parents moved us (parents, sister, and myself) to Long Island NY. Here I finished High School, spent too many years in college, and have been working as a state employee for my college for the past nineteen years.

I ran track and cross country in High School and in my first year of college. I got injured and could no longer run even though I tried for almost ten years to get back into it. I was never able to fulfill my dream of running a half and full marathon. When I ran, I was a middle distance runner, 800m/1000m races although in High School I got to do some shorter events when I needed to fill in, mostly in the relays.

Just before graduating college I got a mountain bike, and from there I started to ride, but it took many years to fully understand the different level of commitment to training on a bike versus running.

I now train and race on the Road, Track, and Cyclocross. I might be aging, but I always push my self as hard as I can go, anything to be in that calm chaos of pushing the body to 120%.